Bee Nut Free


Bee Nut Free: Bee Nut Free is located in Colorado, and I stumbled upon a new food allergy find list. Boy, am I glad that I did find them! It’s really exciting to find new products that are allergy friendly, tasty, and that make great snacks. I’m always struggling for good snacks for work, especially as someone with allergies and with Crohn’s disease. Bee Nut Free definitely fits this bill nicely.

A box of goodies from Bee Nut Free
Close-up of the box you’ll receive!

I was fortunate to get to sample a variety of the Bee Nut Free products to see what they have to offer. I love the variety of snacks from chocolate chip granola bar bites to sunflower ginger energy bar. They appeal to kids and to adults alike.

Probably my hands down favorite snacks is Sunny Honey Cookie Bites. OMIGOSH! These were to die for. I seriously scarfed them down in a nanosecond! If you like SunButter (I do! See the review of Stacy’s Gluten Free Goodies of their No Peanut Butter Sunbutter cookies…I’m so obsessed with SunButter right now!), you will love these. Note that their website says about this and soy allergies, “We do use SunButter in our kitchen for Sunny Honey Cookie Bites and Sunflower Fig Ginger Energy Bars (on dedicated equipment). SunButter is manufactured on equipment that processes soybean, and its mere presence does not allow us to claim to be a ‘soy free’ bakery.”  I really do appreciate that they note this. I think that’s the sign of a really allergen friendly and dedicated bakery. If you don’t have a soy allergy…order these babies now! 🙂

I also tried the chocolate chip granola bites which is a terrific version of a chocolate chip granola bar. Yum! Kids will really like this one. The cranberry citrus energy bar was also very good, especially if you like the cranberry orange combo! (another yes for me!) The Sunflower Fig Ginger Energy Bars as mentioned above also has SunButter in it, and this one has crystallized ginger, which provided a nice zing to the bars. If you’re not a huge ginger fan this might not be the one for you, but it isn’t overly powerful/strong, so you might want to give it a try! The combo with the sunbutter is very good. The Ten Mile Tropical Granola Bar was another exciting one to try. So different from the usual granola bar fare, and very tasty.

The last thing I tried was the Trail’s End Trail Mix (coincidence it has the same name as a Ft. Wilderness Restaurant? I think not!!). This was awesome. Another winner for those needing good filling snacks and great for kids. One of my favs.

Overall, I’m so thrilled to have found Bee Nut Free. I love the products, and I love Jo-Anne’s story and personal commitment to allergy friendly goods. To read her story, check out the website!

I’m super excited to see Bee Nut Free at the Dessert Party and am pleased to have found a new set of products. I plan on ordering the goodies there a lot! Those Sunny Honey Cookie Bites are seriously addicting! Don’t believe me…just try them yourself!

*Disclaimer:  I did not receive any financial compensation for this review. I received a sample of the products for review purposes. The opinions are my own and based on my personal experiences with this product.