It’s a sea of Beanitos! One lucky blog reader won a case of courtesy of Beanitos!

It’s always great to find new products that are friendly for various allergens. It’s not always that often that you find corn free items, especially for those that have corn allergies. So many gluten free items use corn as a replacer, and that doesn’t work so well for people who have corn allergies or are sensitive to corn, or maybe even those who want some variety. That’s where Beanitos comes in! I’ve been getting to know the Beanitos folks through our 2012 Special Diets Dessert Party. They are donating some of their goodies for our event!

I was lucky enough to get to sample some of their goodies beforehand, and I’ve been very glad to do so. I’m always looking for new snacks and different kinds of crackers and chips. It can get kind of boring, so I was thrilled to see these snacks.

Currently, Beanitos offers 4 different varieties: Cheddar Cheese (which I can’t have because of the dairy, but had my family sample), Black Bean, Pinto Bean & Flax, and Chipotle BBQ.

First up on my sampling was the Black Bean. I have to admit, I was completely surprised by the really crisp (but not greasy) texture of the chips. They had a great crunch, on top of an appealing taste. This was probably my most favorite (Pinto Bean & Flax was a close second).

Black Bean Chips! Yum!

Up next were the Pinto Bean & Flax chips. Like I said, these were a close second to the Black Bean chips. Again, really great crunch and texture. And the taste wasn’t overly beany (if that makes sense), though I could tell they were bean chips after eating them. It was just like I had eaten refried beans! What I liked about the pinto bean ones were the flax–it had a nuttier taste. I think making nachos or a chips & salsa plate with a mix of the black bean and pinto & flax chips would be awesome! Then you get the best of both chips. Yum! Ok, note to self to make for my next taco night!

Next up were the flavored chips. Of course, no cheddar cheese for me, but my family gave me a full review. They loved these! They said that they actually were a bit spicy but not overly–cheddar cheese with a kick! They also said that the taste of the “spice” was not overpowering and actually didn’t really seem all that noticeable until you’d eaten a lot (um, guess that means they ate a lot!). Overall, they really enjoyed these.

Cheddar cheese chips

Last up was the Chipotle BBQ. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical with the BBQ chips. I either really like different versions or really dislike them. I think it’s mostly because a lot of versions aren’t very tasty or are beyond spicy. I like spicy food, but with Crohn’s I sometimes have to limit my intake of really spicy food. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I ate these. First of all the texture was awesome. They almost have a kettle chip texture (again without the grease)–which made for a really great BBQ chip. I will admit, these have a kick, but they were strangely addicting. I just couldn’t stop eating them lol It’s nice to have an alternate option for BBQ chips and one that’s a little healthier and less manufactured. This was a total for me with a BBQ chip.

Bet ya can’t just eat one of them. I sure couldn’t!

Overall, I was really wowed by Beanitos. It’s always great to find a new chip to try out. Plus, I love Mexican and Tex-Mex foods so I can completely see incorporating them into my taco nights. The only thing I personally have to be careful of is the fiber. With Crohn’s disease I am always mindful of my fiber intake (everyone is different, but I have to keep a moderate amount of fiber–too much causes Crohn’s discomfort), but it’s a great source for those who might have some dietary restrictions like myself. In fact, I have a family member with IBS who needs to increase their fiber and this would be an awesome way to do so!

I’m finding Beanitos out at the stores all the time lately too–so it’s easy to find. From Super Target to my local health food store, you can score your Beanitos and eat them too! I’m so excited to have them on board for our Dessert Party–those who attend are going to be in for a treat!

About Beanitos:

Beanitos, The Original Bean Chips were created by serious snackers, for serious snackers (aka For Human Beans) who demand more than empty calories from their snacks. And, since corn is in over 4,000 products at the typical supermarket and has been linked to a host of health issues including obesity, all of our products are Always Corn Free!

Beanitos are always free of corn, wheat, soy, potato, trans fat, cholesterol and are verified non-GMO, gluten free, lab tested and certified low glycemic & kosher! For more information on our 3rd party independent testing, check out the health benefits page.

*Disclaimer:  I did not receive any financial compensation for this review. I received a sample of the products for review purposes. The opinions are my own and based on my personal experiences with this product.