Sundae Beaches and Cream
Take a trip down memory lane…

Ah, Beaches and Cream…I’ve been wanting to take a trip down nostalgia and head to this restaurant for a long time. I love that it doesn’t take reservations and that it’s tucked away at the Beach Club. It gives you that great sense of Disney history and tradition. However, I’ve been wary of eating there, thinking perhaps I wouldn’t have many options. But, this burger joint proved me wrong! I hadn’t seen so many “ice cream” options for gluten free/dairy free. I actually had choices!

It was a dream come true and a visit that inspired me to visit again and again! A new must-do!

To begin with, the decor at Beaches and Cream is fantastic! It’s very small and takes no ADRs. My mom and I waited about 20 minutes to get a table. Most people come for the ice cream, but I encourage you to try the food. It’s no frills good basic burgers and fries. It’s just plain yummy. Upon being seated, we were greeted by Dolores our waitress. She quickly got the chef for me, who gave me several food options. First off, they could do burgers and chicken sandwiches with gluten free buns. I could also get fruit or fries. The fries they had to get from Hurricane Hannah’s next door, as they do not have a dedicated fryer. This required a potential wait, and I was ok with that. I chose the chicken sandwich without the bun, as I am perfectly happy without the GF bun. (they aren’t my favorite, and i’m used to bunless sandwiches)

Chicken sandwich and fries. Yum!!

What came out was quite tasty. My chicken was marinated in something that tasted like it had cumin and chili powder in it. My mom also had it (with the bun) and she said it was really good. I wanted a burger, but at the time my Crohn’s was slightly flaring, and I knew the extra fat from the burger wouldn’t be so good on my tummy. But, next time…i’m getting a burger! They looked and smelled awesome!!!

For dessert, I was given the option of rice dream and tofutti, I believe. I got the vanilla tofutti with chocolate syrup and….peanut butter sauce!!!! This was the best part of the meal. I had been dying for something besides just boring chocolate. I had tons of options. I could have gotten the following toppings: Chocolate syrup (not fudge sauce), peanut butter sauce, sprinkles, marshmallows, strawberry topping, pineapple topping, and maraschino cherries. Essentially, I could have gotten a modified banana split, had I so desired to. There might have been a few other toppings, but I can’t remember them off the top of my head.

Best ice cream sundae…EVER!


When I got my sundae, I was beyond overjoyed. It was peanut butter sauce awesomness. I love peanut butter and rarely eat it, but this sauce was amazing!!! Between the chocolate syrup and this, it was the perfect combo. And you better believe, I scarfed it down!

Overall, I can’t say enough good things about Beaches and Cream. Sure the food itself isn’t anything spectacular, but the ambiance and non-dairy ice cream offerings make it a must-do. Great fun and antics (watching people attempt to eat the kitchen sink is hilarious!) and good service for a fast-paced bustling 50’s style diner!

9 out of 10 for good service, food, and offerings. If you get the chance, definitely check it out! People with or without allergies will love it.

**This dining experience took place in May 2011