Currywurst at Flower & Garden Festival

*This dining experience took place in March 2016.

Please note that the Flower & Garden Festival booths have increased risks of cross contamination.

Currywurst at Flower & Garden Festival

Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

The Bauernmarkt is a new booth for this year’s Flower & Garden Festival. They have one item on their menu that is marked gluten free:

  • Currywurst with paprika chips – roasted bratwurst with curry ketchup and paprika-spiced chips – Gluten Free, Dairy Free (confirmed dairy free by Sarah on March 2, 2016)

Trying this dish, I will say that I was not a big fan of it. I love condiments, and I also love curry ketchup. But, I was not feeling this one. Plus, it was put on too heavily — something I never thought I’d say as the condiment queen!

I liked the bratwurst but found the ketchup to be overpowering (and I also adore curry). I also thought the paprika chips were overly seasoned.

I think my biggest complaint was that the dish was overly sauced, overly seasoned and had too many big bold flavors competing with one another.

Props for the super cute Epcot swizzle stick that accompanied the dish but overall, this was not a dish I’d get again. Still, I love that the booth had a gluten free and dairy free option.

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