Artist Point is a gorgeous restaurant, filled with arts & crafts movement designs and motifs. Upon entering, the staff confirmed that there was a food allergy in our party. We were then seated and the CM who waited on us also confirmed the allergy. When the chef arrived, I was a bit disappointed by his lack of enthusiasm or willingness to modify most of the items on the menu. He seemed like he more or less just wanted me to choose something easy and already GF/Dairy free. I don’t eat red meat, so I had been eying the salmon, black cod, or the scallops on the menu. The salmon seemed to cause more difficulty and the chef flat out told me he wouldn’t do the black cod, so I decided to go with the scallops. The only modification it required was removal of the corn cappuccino. I did not get a starter, as we’d eaten fairly close to dinner, and I wasn’t overly interested in the choices. The chef did bring out some extra virgin olive oil and some tapioca rolls. Maybe it’s been so long now since I’ve had real bread, but this trip they seemed tastier than the last one.

Tapioca Roll and olive oil

Seared Day Boat Scallops with Olive Oil Crushed Potatoes, Baby Fennel, Nicoise Olives, and Grape tomatoes.

I found the entree to be very tasty, although I wished the scallops were a bit more seared. The portion size was decent, and everything seemed fresh and tasty. I did not have any dessert, as there was really no options give to me.

Overall, I’d give this restaurant a 10 for atmosphere, but a 7 for service and overall helpfulness for dietary restrictions.