On our last night, we headed to Magic Kingdom for EMH. My mom really wanted a dole whip (which I really miss b/c that was my favorite snack there), and I decided to get a pineapple spear. Holy moley! I thought it would be just a cut-up trimmed pineapple. I had no clue it was an actual still intact pineapple spear! It was messy but very good. My family made fun of me b/c I was so messy with the whole thing. A very nice snack and something different, if you tolerate or like pineapple (it’s my favorite fruit, so I can eat it any day–and for some reason it doesn’t mess with my crohn’s). 8 out of 10 for this place!

Sorry for the bad picture, it was quite dark when I took it!

That was a huge pineapple spear!