In August 2009, my mom and I stayed in the AKL Vacation Club rooms at the Jambo House. It turned out to be a really great choice for me, with Crohn’s, GF and CF diet. Not only was I able to keep my own snacks and refrigerate-able items handy, but I could also use the microwave. It was great for making my own tea (rooibos) in the morning and also for keeping and making food that was safe for me. In fact, I had quite a few leftovers from different meals that I was able to reheat and make in to another meal. I brought GF/CF french toast back to the room from Boma and had a meal from the Mara that reheated. It was quite handy.

Here are some pictures from the room and the set up of the mini kitchen.

Mini Kitchen, with dishes (ah real tea cups!), full sized coffee maker, toaster, fridge, and microwave! This was so handy!

A nice comfy living room area, next to the bed. This turned in to a convertible bed.

Comfy, cozy, queen bed. Great for relaxing and snoozing…

And of course, the nice big flat screen TV. Great for watching Stacey and the Disney Must Do’s!

Overall, I think this is a great room type for people who have dietary restrictions and need to keep snacks and things on hand. It was nice because I could stock up on GF/CF treats (and I brought a bunch of things with me), and it was great to have a fridge. The microwave was the best. I really enjoyed being able to make tea, without having to trek down to the Mara to get a drink (which was a fair distance away from our room). Plus, if you get leftovers from a restaurant, you can store them and reheat them in your room. This was especially nice at buffets where they made me plates of food that I couldn’t possibly finish. It seemed to me a waste to just send it back and have it thrown away, especially when it was costly dietary specific food (ex. tapioca french toast, etc.). It was nice to bring it back and get to eat it later, know it was safe and I wouldn’t get sick from it.

I would definitely stay in an AKV studio again!