Welcome to Mom’s house!

Oh boy, do I love 50’s Prime Time. I adore the gluten free/dairy free fried chicken and the greens. It’s soooo tasty. I’ve been in contact with Chef Williere on the last trip and this one as well. I had arranged to have the chicken ready and they wanted to know if I wanted a special dessert (um, brownie sundae from the last time was A-OK by me). Chef Williere was also on duty, so he said he would try to catch up w/me. When we got there, I was greeted by Chef Albert, who looked at me like I was crazy and he had no idea about me arranging this ahead of time. (It takes a while to make the chicken, so if you get a hold of them ahead of time, you can have it ready pretty close to when you would get regular entrees). However, when I mentioned Chef Williere, he went to get him. Chef Williere apologized that they basically forgot it. But that he would take care of making sure Chef Albert got it done for us (we were not on his side of the restaurant). He also said he had sorbet for me for dessert (I really wanted chocolate, but it ended up being ok, b/c we had so much food). He asked if we were going to order appetizers and we said no. He said that the chicken would be a wait, so he said he would bring us appetizers on the house. This was so nice of him. He gave my mom and stepdad onion rings and crab cakes and the seafood salad for me. The seafood salad had a citrus vinagrette and it was fabulous. Very fresh tasting and lots of seafood. One of my favorite things on the trip.

Very delicious seafood salad appetizer.

Again, Chef Williere couldn’t have been nicer about things. After eating my appetizer I ran to the restroom and when I came back, the waitstaff had brought out fried chicken, but it did NOT look like what I got the previous time and had gravy all over it. Ummmm, I don’t think that is mine! I asked the waitress about it, and sure enough they brought me a regular dinner. Chef Albert came out with mine not too long after. Good thing, I checked!! Holy cow! That would have been bad for everyone! My entree was the fried chicken, dairy free mashed potatoes, and greens. Unfortunately, he didn’t give me gravy this time, which was a bummer. The greens were also not cooked very well. But the potatoes and chicken were excellent, so it worked out ok. I was very full after that meal and the appetizer. I unfortunately forgot to take a picture of the entree, but if you check out my other blog post about 50’s PT, you will see a tempting picture!

For dessert, they brought me out the strawberry sorbet, and that was pretty good. Next time, I will go for a sundae though!

A refreshing dessert after piggin out on fried chicken!

Overall, despite a few hiccups, it was still a great meal, and I wouldn’t hesitate to go there again. Perhaps next time, I’ll check in a few days before the meal to make sure they have the chicken order on hand b/c I could definitely tell a big difference from that. Overall a 8 out of 10 on this trip, but a 9 out of 10 in general for being a great allergy friendly place!