For my October trip, I have a reservation at 50’s Prime Time because I’ve heard such amazing reviews of the gluten free fried chicken. The pics from different reviews are mouth-watering! So, I was hoping that the GF fried chicken would also be dairy free. I emailed special diets who got me in contact with Chef Williere Justin at 50’s PT. Well, the good news came in. Both GF/CF chicken AND mashed potatoes! And I can get dairy free “milk”shakes. Here’s the responses I got:

We will be able to accommodate your Special Dietary Request. Our Gluten Free Fried Chicken does not have any dairy and we will also prepare fresh Mashed Potatoes with olive oil, salt and pepper. Yes we can make dairy free milkshakes. We carry Tofuti and Rice Dream ice cream, both are non dairy. The Tofuti has two flavors vanilla and Chocolate. We also carry soy and rice milk.

Great news all around! I can’t wait to eat my first fried chicken in a year and 1/2 since going GF/CF! Can’t wait to share my pictures and review of this place!