Carved Cajun Turkey Sandwich Port Orleans

*This dining experience took place in September 2014.

Riverside Mill Port Orleans

Riverside Mill, located in Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort, offers up quick service with a Southern and Cajun twist. Set to resemble a working cotton press, I really enjoy the atmosphere of this location – in addition to the great food offerings available. 

On a previous occasion, I stopped by here for lunch and had the mahi sandwich, which was great. On this visit, I was stopping by for another lunch while on break from a work conference. Never one to order the same thing twice in two visits (unless it’s crawfish bites, then I’m always ordering them!), I wanted to try something different from Riverside Mill for lunch. While browsing the menu, the Carved Cajun Turkey Sandwich caught my eye. 

Cajun Turkey Riverside MillI was greeted by Chef Paul, whom you’ll recall from my other visits to Boatwright’s and Sassagoula Floatworks & Food Factory for beignets. Chef Paul always does a great job (as do all of the chefs at Port Orleans), so I knew I would have a great meal. We went over options, and when I mentioned the Carved Cajun Turkey Club Sandwich I learned that it had a Cajun mayo and was made with house-roasted turkey breast, not deli style turkey. Well, that sold me quickly! I also ordered it with a side of coleslaw.

Carved Cajun Turkey Sandwich Port Orleans

Well, I gotta say, this was one of my favorite quick service sandwiches. The house-roasted turkey breast was killer. It was nicely seasoned and not dry. Everything is better with bacon, and this sandwich was no exception. What made it complete for me was the Cajun mayo. Yes, you know I love a good condiment and this was another winner for me. Next time, I’m getting fries with this as a dipping sauce (I think I say that every time I’m at Port Orleans and I try one of their sauces). 

I was so glad to see that the coleslaw was not a mayonnaise-based slaw. Those can be overpowering, bland, and heavy. This was a light, vinegar-based slaw that was just a little sweet. It was the perfect accompaniment to the turkey sandwich with it’s robust Cajun mayo. 

Overall, I was thrilled to find this sandwich on the menu. I am always impressed when a restaurant takes the time to roast their own meats, as opposed to using deli meats. Chef Paul said they also cook their roast beef for the roast beef sandwiches in-house too. This team really knows what they are doing here. 

Port Orleans Riverside Mill and Sassagoula Floatworks & Food Factory are two fantastic quick service locations and some of the best on property. They really take the time to make quality meals that go above and beyond the burgers and fries realm (which, of course, you can always still order there and are also delicious). 

I’m looking forward to getting this sandwich again. It just might have to be a repeat on my next visit!

Have you been to Riverside Mill? What special diets offerings did you order there?