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If you have a new special dietary needs sheet and want to share it with readers, you can send menu images to me via email.

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35 Replies to “Menus”

    1. Do you have any information on gluten free dining at the Intermission Food Court in the Disney All Star Music resort in DW?

      1. I don’t have the menus listed for All Stars Music, but if you check out the ones for All Stars Sports and Movies, they should be the same or very similar. Hope that helps!

    2. Do you have an updated menu for the Port Orleans French quarter food court allergy menu?

      1. As of 3/6/2017, I don’t have the most recent menu. I hope to stop by the restaurant soon to get the updated one. 🙂

    3. I have copies of the Old Port Royale food court menus from today. Would you be interested in getting copies to add?

      1. Hi Jen! Thanks for letting me know! Please feel free to email them to me at gfdf.wdw [at] and I’ll add them to the menus page! 🙂

    4. Hi do you have the Gluten/Dairy Free Menu for BOG Dinner and Boma Breakfast? Going in November and just want a rough idea, thanks. This site has been helpful.

      1. Hi Gavin, Unfortunately, since Boma is a buffet, they do not have an allergy menu (and they haven’t released a buffet guide, like Tusker House, yet). I have not been able to find an allergy menus for BOG either. I’ll double-check to see if BOG is still not using allergy menus or if they have added them! So glad to hear that the site has been helpful! 🙂

        1. Hi Thank you,

          It has I just like having a good idea what is available to get.

          Any Chance of House of Blues , Planet Hollywood have a dedicated one available to check out beforehand.

          I am going to try to stick to GF/DF for all my food bar a few treats such as The Grey Stuff, Shake at Planet Hollywood. Same at Universal have to have that Butterbeer.

          Thankfully I have that opportunity.

          1. Hi Gavin, Unfortunately, House of Blues and Planet Hollywood do not have allergy menus. They aren’t owned by Disney, so at this time they are not required to have an allergy menu or options listed. Sorry I can’t add those here!

  1. Thanks so much for your website. My question is – are these the only places at WDW with a dedicated gluten free menu? Will I be able to find some gluten free things around the parks as long as I ask at the restaurant or snack place I am visiting? I plan on taking some food with me. I am gluten free and dairy free as well. Thanks for your help.

    1. These aren’t the only places that have dedicated “gluten free menus” (there are a few more). Disney is testing these out but most restaurants don’t have them. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get options while at restaurants. To the contrary! Disney is a bounty for gluten free & dairy free options. Just ask the cast member at any snack kiosk or restaurant and they will be able to assist. Not all locations (especially snack carts) have options but most do. My go to snack is Disney popcorn! It is gluten free & dairy free, believe it or not (made with coconut oil!). Let me know if I can help with any specific questions or restaurants!

      1. Do you have any information about Gluten and dairy free menu at ‘Ohana Restaurant’ in Polynsian Hotel please

        1. Hi Rob – I don’t have the updated menu options right now (6/15) however, I’m dining there in July 2015 and will have updated information then! Stay tuned to the blog! 🙂

          1. Rob Quick says:

            Hi Sarah, thanks for coming back to me. We have a family group going to DW on 19/12/15 to 1/12/16, we’re told to book early for our Christmas Day family meal (there are 14 of us) and we can book as of 21/6/15 just 3 days away. So if you have any suggestions where we could book safe in the knowledge that there will be suitable Dairy and Gluten free options it would be great to hear them.

            Thanks, Rob

          2. Always happy to help to help Rob! Feel free to drop me an email at gfdf [dot] wdw [at] gmail [dot] com and we can talk about some suggestions! If you list personal food preferences and if you’ve dined at any other Disney resorts that will be helpful too!

        2. Just curious if you were able to dine at the O’hana Restaurant and if you had any further info? Thank you, love your blog, SO helpful!

          1. I’ve dined at Ohana recently and should have a review up soon! They still do a great job with special dietary neesd (and don’t have an allergy menu currently). I would recommend checking out some of my previous reviews as they haven’t changed much in the offerings. So glad to hear that you’ve found the blog helpful! 🙂

  2. Wow! You’re fast with a reply! Thanks for the information. After I posted my question, I did see where you had other restaurants listed with gluten free dairy free options. Makes me feel more confident about eating there. I really appreciate your insight. Many thanks.

    1. You’re so welcome! I eat a lot all throughout the parks & resorts, so definitely ask if you have a specific restaurant in mind. Chances are I’ve covered it, at least once! 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I have been looking around and haven’t found that much info on the snacks in the park, particularly ice cream. Do you know if the Mickey ice cream bars or those Itzakadoozle (not sure if I got that right) ice pops are GF?

  4. LOVE THESE! Thanks for having a place to share them!

  5. I’m going to Disney in October 2015 and I went about 4 years ago when my daughter. My daughter is 8 and is highly allergic to Dairy which makes eating things away a little harder. I know Disney has Silk milk and a few other things that are Dairy free. I just read today the Popcorn is dairy free (very exciting!) and the pretzels (in most cases) Do you know if the Dole Whips are dairy free? AND Do you know if most places have dairy free (Daiya) cheese? I can always give her fruit and make a jelly sandwich but that gets old quickly. Just trying to prepare, We have to start planning our meals in another 30-45 days 🙂

    1. The Dole Whips are technically dairy free; however, I would get them from the Polynesian’s Pineapple Lanai location because they have individual dispensers to avoid cross contamination! Some locations carry Daiya but not most. I would recommend contacting Disney’s special diets department and they will give you a list of the current locations that carry Daiya! Hope that helps! 🙂

  6. During my recent trip to the pineapple Lanai, I was told that the vanilla Dole Whip is not dairy free because it has casein. Not sure about the pineapple flavor though.

    1. Yep, the vanilla is not dairy free because of the casein but the fruit flavors are gluten free and dairy free (and do not contain casein). The Pineapple Lanai also has some reduced cross contamination because they mix the flavors in different containers from what I’ve been told.

  7. Sorry Sarah, should read until 1/1/16


  8. Oh wow, so La Hacienda doesn’t have any GF dessert choices? I thought I saw on GFinorlando that they had a few.

    1. It looks like they didn’t list them, but I thought that Alexis from GF in Orlando had noted that they had some (I think the corn ice cream). I would check with the restaurant to see if they can offer any items.

  9. Thank you!!!!!!!!

    1. You’re welcome! I’m glad it was helpful! 🙂

  10. Hi Sarah,

    Would you happen to have a safe snack list for each park by any chance? Especially those snacks that might be on the dining plans? I find it really easy to get a good meal, but slightly trickier for snacks and as I am not US based, I dont usually have my own snacks to bring or quick access to a supermarket.

    Thank you for your site.

    Kind Regards

    1. Stay tuned, I’m actually releasing a 2017 guide that will include snacks on it! It will be out in the next week (end of May 2017) and will be here on the site as a free digital download! Snacks are tough and one thing that I get asked about a lot, so I hope you’ll find the guide helpful! 🙂

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