Modified Bounty Platter at Everything Pop

*This dining experience took place in December 2013.

Sign for Everything Pop in the resort elevators

Everything Pop, located in Disney’s Pop Century Resort, offers a variety of options for guests with special dietary needs. As the resort’s main dining location, they offer quick service fare that is fast, tasty, and convenient. Their breakfast options include many classic staples like waffles and scrambled eggs. The best part is that the chefs here really work with guests to create custom and safe dishes for those who have particular dietary needs.

On this particular occasion, I visited for breakfast while staying at Pop Century. I had eaten dinner here the night before, and while the chef had been very helpful, I ordered something that wasn’t my favorite dish I’d eaten there (see that review HERE). I was very excited for breakfast though, because I knew they had my favorite allergy Mickey waffles. You know I just can’t go to breakfast and not get them!

Everything Pop Disney

It was a fairly busy morning (around 8 a.m.) as guests were getting ready to go to the parks and resorts for the day. I found a cast member who then paged a chef for me. I totally spaced on getting the chef’s name in the morning (someone stayed out at Epcot a little late), but he was very helpful. He basically asked me what I wanted, and I told him I knew I wanted some scrambled eggs, bacon, and allergy Mickey waffles. Easy enough. After writing down my order, he brought over a page for me and told me to come back when it went off. I took this as an opportunity to wander the location for special diets grab and go options.

Paging Mr. Morrow…Mr. Tom Morrow…oh wait, I’m not in Tomorrowland!

I found several options, including the OMG It’s Gluten Free brand brownies (gluten free only) and chocolate chip cookies (gluten and dairy free) as well as the Lundberg Rice Chips, Larabars, Rocky Mountain Caramel Corn, and Surf Sweets. Someone recently asked me if I had seen Surf Sweets on property lately, and this is the first time I have in a while. I was glad to see them here!

Special Diets grab and go items

I did not notice any Babycakes NYC mini cupcakes or even any gluten free beer options. Although it was early in the day, so perhaps it wasn’t stocked.

Bounty platter modified

Essentially, the chef gave me the Bounty Platter (served at most quick service locations) modified. I had scrambled eggs, which were fairly good, bacon (sadly the stringy Disney bacon), sausage (which I did not eat), Udi’s toast and allergy Mickey waffles. Interestingly enough both Art of Animation and Pop Century’s allergy Mickey waffles are a combination of mixes; they use Namaste AND Bob’s Red Mill together. Personally, I prefer just the Bob’s Red Mill alone but these weren’t bad. Everything tastes better Mickey shaped right? I was not given any regular maple syrup but rather the syrup that they carry in the main condiment area (it has corn syrup in it). I did notice they had Sugar Free maple syrup on hand.

I’ve been given this syrup many times on property. It’s gluten free and certified Kosher. I still prefer the fully leaded pure maple syrup!

Overall, I found the breakfast at Everything Pop to be pretty decent for a quick service meal. It wasn’t anything special, but it was safe, tasty, and a good solid quick service meal. I would definitely get breakfast here again.

Have you been to Everything Pop for breakfast? What’s your favorite special diets breakfast option?