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Thanks to a blog reader for sending me this information.

It would appear that the much loved Dole Whips which had been labeled gluten free and lactose free, but not dairy free (as it contained sodium caseinate) are now being labeled as dairy free/vegan. I haven’t been to the Magic Kingdom to check this first-hand, but a list of ingredients from Precision Foods Group and the Dole website list the ingredients as such. For those curious, the food starch listed is from corn according to a rep from Precision Foods Group. So, unless Disney is adding in dairy to the mix (which is not that likely since we know they were lactose free before), these are probably going to be a new dairy free item.

Thanks to another reader, here is a picture of the ingredients for Dole Whips taken at Aloha Isle as of January 4, 2013:

Thanks to David Dixon over at Magical Tours for this photo!

In terms of cross-contamination for the mix, they post the following on their site:

Vegan Statement: The ingredients used in this product do not contain dairy, therefore, the product is considered dairy free. The Rabbinical guidelines classify this product to be kosher-dairy. Allergen control and sanitation procedures are in place and are strictly followed. In addition, this product does not contain any animal based ingredients.

Allergens: None – Based on FDA FALCPA (Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004) “Big 8” allergens.

It also looks like the Pineapple and Orange flavors are now completely dairy free, but the vanilla one still has casein in it.

Here are the product sheets for all three flavors of Dole Whips:

Remember there are cross contamination risks at Aloha Isle (where Dole Whips are served) as they also serve vanilla Dole Whips with casein in them. So even if Dole Whips are safe, it’s best to proceed with caution. According to reports from another blog reader, Aloha Isle machines do have separate nozzle/dispensers for each flavor.

If anyone hears anymore info on this before I do, feel free to email me at so that I can update the post!

I have long been wanting to eat Dole Whips again (they were a Disney must-do pre-food intolerances), and it would be great to see these be potentially safe and on the must-do list again. At this time it looks like there is some potential for this to be safer for those of us who can’t have dairy.

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  1. If you can have dairy or not, I would not eat this GMO franken food disaster! It’s sad that this is even an option 🙁

  2. To previous comment poster- sure, it’s loaded w/ chemicals & dyes and I would never eat a food like this in “real life”, I would try it at Disney on vacation, for nostalgia’s sake! Already so limited on foods we can eat, it is nice to know that this is at least an option…sometimes it’s fun to try something besides usual packed “safe” snack items…

  3. Not sure how these can be labeled allergen free when they contain coconut, a tree nut.

    1. Hi Jason, You’re correct. I looked at the current ingredients list: and it does contain coconut oil. I will reach out to Dole to see if they can comment on the labeling.

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