Allergy Chicken Tenders at Backlot Express

*This dining experience took place in May 2017.

Dinner at Backlot Express

Backlot Express, located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, is a quick service restaurant that serves burgers, sandwiches, chicken tenders, and fries. It’s your basic theme park quick service fare and an easy option for lunch or dinner when you’re visiting Hollywood Studios and don’t want to dine at a table service location.

We recently stopped by Backlot Express for dinner. It was a quick option and currently offers 20% off your total bill for Disney annual passholders — making it a great choice for us for an easy, affordable meal. They also carry an allergy friendly menu with several options for me to order which is great too.


If you’ve never been to Backlot Express, I recommend walking around after your meal. It might not seem like much from the outside, or even the inside, but with a bit of careful looking you’ll start to see that the restaurant is set to resemble a true backlot of a movie studio.

Backlot Express Exterior

Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

It has a warehouse feel to it, but there are just so many details to look at. Of course, I somehow managed to not get any good photos of the unique decor while we were there, but I definitely recommend going and checking it all out.

The Food

I had planned on ordering the allergy chicken tenders at Backlot Express. These are gluten free, dairy free, and cover many of the top common allergens too. After I received my chicken tenders, I was surprised to see that they were not the AllergyFreeFoods brand which Disney has been carrying for years (and that I love).

After some sleuthing, I have a bad feeling that the company is no longer in business as their website is not active anymore, and their social media accounts are severely out of date.

A few years ago, Disney had experienced a shortage of the AllergyFreeFoods brand allergy chicken tenders, and they began serving two other brands. You can read more about them on Alexis’s Gluten Free Adventures. She shared info about the different allergy chicken tender brands being served last year during part of the brand shortage.

Allergy Chicken Tenders at Backlot Express

Photo Taken by Gluten Free & Dairy Free at WDW

I’m pretty sure the brand I received on my last visit were from Ian’s. Overall, I found them to be pretty good. I still miss and prefer the old brand of allergy chicken tenders, but these are still good too. They are definitely more crispy and crunchy. I will say that the Backlot Express was extremely generous with their portions. It was a huge portion of chicken tenders and fries! I definitely left full.


Backlot Express is a solid place to visit when you need a quick service special diets meal in Hollywood Studios. I usually get the allergy chicken tenders there, but you can also order burgers and salads too. Add in the discount, and you’re talking a real winner.

Overall, I don’t find that there are a ton of options for quick service meals at Hollywood Studios right now either. ABC Commissary turns into a fast casual location at dinner with steaks and more formal dinner plates. We have not found PizzeRizzo to be open on any of our recent visits either. So, Backlot Express really is the best option when we want quick service in the park.

If you’re curious about the allergy friendly chicken tenders, here’s a list of where you can find allergy chicken tenders throughout Disney World.

Have you been to Backlot Express? What was your experience dining there?